Thank You

Thank you to everyone who gave of their time, money, prayers, encouragement and of themselves to not just help me get to Uganda but to join with me in bringing the Gospel and power of Jesus’ love to Gulu, Arua, Kitgum, Kampala, Entebbe, Sipi Falls and anywhere else in Uganda we visited.

There’s so much I could say, but there wouldn’t be enough words to express just how thankful I am. To you. To the people of Uganda. And to my Jesus. I was radically transformed. My life was not just changed for 8 1/2 months, but forever set on a different path. It was life-altering.

The people of Uganda were radically changed. We had testimony time each morning as we started our day together as a team. Our faithful team administrator, Becca Lemons, would write down the testimonies of what God was doing in Uganda. Just while we were there, over 446 people prayed to receive Jesus and 142 of those were Ugandan’s leading Ugandan’s to Jesus.  We saw over 253 headings and over 21 deliverances (basically includes all other random “God encounters” such as freedom from nightmares/demonic oppression/alcoholism, restored relationships, miraculous financial provision, etc.). It is not about statistics but about people experiencing the love of Jesus. That happened. What an awesome God we serve!

Want to know the greatest part? God is not finished. The best is yet to come. Your prayers paved the way. This journey could not have happened without your support financially and prayerfully. I challenge you to not stop praying as our team has left. Continue to pray for the people of Uganda to continue to pursue Jesus and for those who don’t know Him to meet Him and for those held in bondage to be set free and for families to continue to be restored! He is ready to keep moving, but He is also ready to continue to move with us through our prayers.

As I write this, I have made my next move – to Waco, Texas. Ironically it is a more difficult move than Uganda was. But, you want to know the greatest part? God is not finished with me yet. The best is yet to come. 

He is faithful. He is with us. He is never leaving. He is so full of the most amazing love that any of us could ever know. Embrace every moment with Him. He’s so worth it.

Covered by His Grace,


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